Our Services

E-commerce distribution

We cover all the main E-commerce platforms in China.


We create market entry strategy and comprehensive digital brand building strategy.

Channel development

O2O (online to offline) strategy identifies clear steps for getting your products to brick-and-mortar stores.

E-commerce distribution

We focus on E-commerce distribution because we know that selling and marketing should be started online. Even though China is the largest e-commerce market in the world it is also one of the most challenging. Especially for international brands. 


The fastest and the most effective way to enter the Chinese market is e-commerce. E-commerce makes it possible to set up modern national distribution, state of the art digital marketing campaign and actively interact with consumers. With internet availability rate over 55.8 per cent it is  perfect opportunity to increase your global reach.


Thorough understanding of this increasingly competitive market is the only way to achieve success. With knowledge of business environment, online channels, competitors and regulations we can plan and execute the steps needed for establishing broad distribution.



We setup flagship stores, select and develop channels, and offer end-to-end supply chain management. We have the infrastructure for Cross-border E-commerce (CBEC) imports with our bonded warehouses in free trade zones. Our products are always at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price. 


We manage interactions with current and potential customers (CRM).  We entice customers to purchase with product merchandising by offering samples and giveaways, creating special offers and optimizing the assortment. One key element is to generate pricing solutions which support the market positioning and quality of the products while increasing customer satisfaction. 


We cover the main e-commerce platforms; Tmall, Taobao and JD. We also cover the niche channels like Vipshop and Little Red Book. We are engaged in social commerce acquiring sales and promotion with KOLs in WeChat. To further boost sales we operate our own B2C e-stores in JD.com, Taobao and 1688.com.


Solid market entry strategy ensures that the products are going to be accepted in the market and your brand will manage in the competition against local players. To prepare a clear and efficient marketing strategy one must first understand what is it that motivates Chinese consumers to buy.

The Market

Detailed product information

If you compare Western and Chinese e-commerce stores you will notice that there is a lot more promotional material and product details in Chinese store. Stores are filled with product details and high-quality photographs even from specific details of product packages.

Brand value

Chinese buy brands, not products. Brand value is everything in China. Consumer-led society expresses status ‘face’ through what they purchase. 


Chinese tend to adjust their purchasing around special deals, shopping festivals and other promotions. The world’s biggest shopping festival originates from China, double 11 Singles Day. In 2018 Singles Day reached over $30.8 billion in sales (the gross merchandise value). This tells a lot about how consumers are hunting for deals and let it loose when promotions are available.

Marketing Strategy

Key elements

Marketing strategies in the world’s most digitally oriented consumer market should always include few basic elements which are official WeChat and Sina Weibo accounts, Baidu SEO, promotion in major E-commerce platforms, articles in blogs and collaboration with KOLs. KOLs, social media and SEO are used to co-create experiences and construct non-stop communication with consumers. Good reviews in online shops, comments in social media and word-of-mouth recommendations create the e-reputation which is the key for trust between customer and brand. 

Creation of quality content and investment to online advertising will have positive effect on consumer perception and further build brand equity. KOLs who are idolized by Chinese consumers can influence to mass population and reach the target group by encouraging positive word-of-mouth. By constantly reviewing and renewing the marketing activities we can earn attention of consumers, make convincing pitch, create demand and facilitate accompanying sales. 

Marketing Activities


Create, publish and distribute online. Content marketing is the best way to increase brand exposure in China. Local and consistent marketing reaches target audience, translates visibility to loyalty and provides unique experiences.

  • Brand activation
  • Community management
  • Social media marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Channel-specific marketing
  • Campaign development

Channel Development

Our O2O (online to offline) distribution strategy is based on a timeline and actions to comprehensively manage channels and brand positioning first online but followed by a shift in which customers can purchase goods also from physical stores. 

This strategy includes strategic growth assessment, channel management, channel prospecting and business development. This digitally-integrated offline distribution strategy ensures that we build sufficient brand equity online before stepping into general import and “New Retail” where goods are available in brick-and-mortar stores. Offline channels include for example c!ty’super, RT-Mart, Sam’s Club, Ole’, Yonghui Superstores etc.